WANTED: Rejection

From: Mixed Fruit Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 6:55 PM
To: Dawn Peacefull

Dear Dawn Peacefull,

Thank you for sending us “DO IT!.” Unfortunately, we’re going to pass on your work, though we appreciate the opportunity to read it. Best of luck in placing this elsewhere, and please keep Mixed Fruit in mind as you continue to submit.

Nathan Blake
Mixed Fruit

Submitted a piece I had written in late 2010.
February is Pitchapalooza!


The Book Doctors are back with the second-annual Pitchapalooza for Wrimos. Read on to get the lowdown from them on what this means, and how you can participate!

You wrote your 50,000 words (or got pretty close!). You’re a winner. You’ve been congratulated. You felt the high. But here’s the 64-gigabyte question: What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious manuscript?


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Quick rejection from Blip

Dear Sandra Barnes,

Thank you for sending us “Sleepy Sickness”. We appreciate the chance to read the work. Alas, it is not for us.

Thanks again and best of luck with this.

Blip Magazine

Rejection from Mason’s Road

But the good news is I put my piece “”San Gabriel Valley” up on critique circle and I got a really good critique that mad me really rethink it

I have an opportunity to write an Ann Lamott style piece

Dear Sandy Barnes:

Thank you for submitting "The San Gabriel Valley" to Mason's Road. Although we read it carefully, we do not feel it meets our current needs.

Thank you for considering us and we wish you well in finding a suitable place for your work. If you haven't done so yet, please sign up for our mailing list on masonsroad.com so you'll be among the first to hear when our next issue comes out and when our next reading period begins. 

We look forward to your future submissions.


The Editors of Mason's Road

2011-12-23 15:47:47 (GMT -5:00)
Rejection from Monarch Review

Sandra Barnes-

Thank you for submitting “Sleepy Sickness.” We appreciate the chance to read it, but it doesn’t fit our needs at this time.

Best of luck,
Caleb Thompson

Misfit Magazine
Dear Ms. Barnes:
Thank you for considering Misfit Magazine, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to use your submission. I appreciate your patience while awaiting my decision.

Best of luck to you with your writing.


Stephanie Dellosa


The Morning news….they look pretty cool too
Dear Sandy,
Thanks very much for sending over your essay about encephalitis lethargica. While we enjoyed reading it today, we’re going to pass; it’s not right for us right now.
They had to have read it to know it was about encephalitis lethargica
Rejection from Kenyon Reivew
Dear Sandy Barnes:

Thank you for submitting your creative nonfiction.  We regret that we are unable to use Heat and Light.

Your work has received careful consideration, which sometimes means a response less prompt than we would wish.  Unfortunately, the large number of submissions prevents us from commenting on many worthy manuscripts.

We do appreciate your interest in The Kenyon Review.

The Editors
"Person of Color" rejection

I’m still holding out for Lilith

Dear Sandra Barnes,

Thank you for submitting your work to the Little Patuxent Review. We appreciate the effort that has gone into your submission. Unfortunately, it is not the right fit for our upcoming issue. Please be assured that your submission was read thoroughly and given careful consideration by our editorial staff. I wish you the best of luck in placing your work elsewhere.

My Best,


Truth Thomas
Guest Editor
Little Patuxent Review
6012 Jamina Downs
Columbia, MD 21045

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